Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ocean of pearls

Sorry I havent posted in a REALLY long time. I didn't do much nail art for a while. maybe partly because i had so much school work. Then When i finally decided to post, I couldn't find my camera for a while. That's why the manicure in this post is really chipped.I couldn't take the picture immediately after I made the design. Anyway, I think I did well. I'm very pleased. Here it is.

You will need:
- medium/dark blue or purple
- light blue or lavender
-metallic whitish color, preferably with a silver tint to it.
Difficulty: easy / 3 out of 10

First, put your base coat. I know I never write to do this but is is a good thing to do. Then put an opaque coat of your medium to dark blue or purple. Then take the metallic whitish color, and put it on a smaller brush. Put around three or four medium sized spots(pearls) along one edge of the nail, curving over a little to put one or so in the middle of the bottom edge of the nail. then put tiny dots in the spaces between these larger dots. This should make it look sort of like coble stone on one side of the nail. Then, just take the smaller brush, wash it, put some light blue or lavender on it, and put a small streak along the inside edge of the larger dots.Thats it!

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