Monday, May 23, 2011

Basic French Manicure

Simple French manicure (No, this isn't me i don't have those totally awesome rings, or nails that long yet.)
 Difficulty: Easy / 1 out of 10
You will need:
- White nail polish
- very small brush
First, we'll start off with a simple French Manicure. Those of you who have been doing nail art for a while, don't worry, I'll get to more complicated things later, But for the less experienced ones, this is just a building block. It's really very simple. If you want to, you can paint a coat of a pinkish, neutral color, but it must be very close to your skin color, preferably pretty much the same as your skin color. Just paint a curved line along the edge of your nail in white. For this one, i wont give a specific brand, because it's just a pure white. Then, to give a shiny, glossy appearance, add a clear top coat. That's it! If you want to, you can try mixing the colors up a bit! For example, do a base coat of light pink, like for instance pink chiffon, number 911, from Revlon, and a tip of burgundy, like Manhattan, number 248, from NYC. Or, if you want to get really fancy, try neon colors like a base of yellow and a tip of orange, or a base of purple and a tip of blue! The possibilities are as wide as the color spectrum in the human eye! I know thats kind of a strange simile, and I'm not even sure I used that term right, but it's true!