Monday, July 4, 2011

Crackle success

Hey! I used the crackle polish today, and it works really well! The issue is that if you dont put top coat over it after it cracks and is dry, sections of it will fall off. Also, you have to be careful about layering it, because once it is cracked, you cant go back over it, or it wont work as well. you have to make sure that you have plenty of paint on your brush before starting. Here's a pic

As you can see, it turned out pretty well! I wonder what this would look like with matte? I'll have to try that some time.


  1. it looks okay but not my favorite i woudnt choose that but it is kind of pretty not to be mean or anything i just like the other ones better

  2. i like it and would love to know were you got it.

  3. I got the crackle polish at a shop called Ulta. I don't know if that's a branch or if it's just a independently owned shop, but all of the polish is kind of expensive.

  4. Someone posted a comment with my name on it, and I am sort of hesitant to put my name up online, and I deleted the comment without thinking, so sorry to that person. The comment was by an anonymous person and this is what it said:

    "Hi, Joelle! You should try putting different candies on each nail. I tried this once and it worked really well!

  5. Thanks, i found the polish and am excited to try it. I am also sorry for saying your name online.