Monday, May 23, 2011

feathered French manicure

Difficulty: Easy-intermediate / 3-4 out of 10
You will need:
- White nail polish
- very small brush 
For this manicure, you start with a basic French manicure, but wait to put the top coat on.For how to do a basic french manicure, click basic French manicure in the archive in the sidebar Start with a curved line that starts at the bottom of one side of the nail, goes to about the center of the nail, and narrows as it goes up. go on to do another line like the first starting right on top of where the other started and going up at a little higher slant so that it comes so close to to the bottom of the curved line at the end of the nail that it almost touches, or even touching. make one more line like the others, that overlaps the line at the tip of the nail. If you want, you can add another that goes almost straight up on top of the last. You can also draw a line with glittery silver along the bottoms of all the lines. Now you can put the clear top coat. you can also try this with black, or a pastel color such as pale pink, light blue, etc...... Enjoy! : D

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