Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my signature flower

This isn't the best one I've done, so I'll update the pic as soon as I do this one again.
 Difficulty: 4 / easy-intermediate
You will need:
- white or other pastel color
- very small brush
- different light color (optional) 
First off, you make four roundish flicks of a brush to be pedals from the center of the nail as shown above. then, you make two very thin lines coming out of one side of the flower. If you make them coming out of the top it looks like a butterfly. Then, you can take a different color, or the same color, and put three small dots in a triangle shape on the side of the flower without the lines. next, add a curved line of four in another different color, or the same color on the bottom of the flower. Or, instead of this, you can just randomly place dots around the flower. Also, for a little extra bling, you can glue a gemstone on the center of the flower, and when the glue dries well enough, put a thick coat of top coat over the gem. If you don't have a lot of time to finish the manicure, than i don't recommend this, because it can take a long time to dry. on the nail without the flower, I've used Cashmere Creme, number 124, by NYC. For the dots i like to use Manhattan, number 248, which is a burgundy, and pink chiffon number 911 by Revlon. With these colors for dots, I use the pink chiffon for my alternate nail color.

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