Thursday, June 9, 2011

glitter over multicolor background

The glitter didn't show in this pic very well, so just know that it looks more like glitter over a multicolor background instead of multicolor streaks with a few specs of shiny stuff. a huge part of the design is the glitter, so it should be a lot more glittery than this!

Difficulty: 4 out of 10 / easy - intermediate
 You will need:
- black nail polish
- glittery nail top coat (I used Wet 'n' Wild shine number 460D)
- Three to four other, super bright colors, but not to dark (I used Sinful colors professional in neon pink, Claire's cosmetics in metallic blue green, and wet 'n' wild shine number 414A)
- a very small brush

First off, put a coat of black polish on every nail.I don't specify brands or anything for this part, because  it's just plain black. after the black dries, choose your first bright color, and put a small drop of it on the hairs of the very small brush. Not too big, because then it will just come off in one big dot. Take the brush and put a few random streaks with this color, leaving plenty of black space, but don't be to stingy with the color. In the end, we will have covered almost all of the black space. The way I like to do this is dot several dots right up next to each other, because this prevents it from spreading to thin. You have to get a good bit on the nail, because otherwise the black will show through the color, and that doesn't look very good.  Repeat this on all of the nails, then do the same with the other bright colors. Don't be afraid to overlap the streaks. They are supposed to overlap. When you are done using all of your colors, put a good top coat of glitter. use a lot of glitter, because this is the main part of the design. Now your finished! if you have trouble with the streaks, tell me in a comment, and I'll do my best to help you. remember, it will not look exactly like the picture I gave you. It should have a lot more glitter.

PS: For a patriotic flare, since it's getting sorta close to Fourth of July, you can do this with red, white, and blue as your streak colors! 

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  1. This is different...... But i think it is very cute ..... I love how you did multicolor and glitter.......NICE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!