Thursday, September 8, 2011

red roses

Difficulty: difficult / 7 out of 10
You will need:
- very small brush
- red
- white
- black
- light green
Well, for this particular design, you start off with a coat of black. I like the black by wet 'n' wild shine, because it's very opaque, and so is the red. After the black, you do the roses. To make a rose, you start off with a very short slightly curved line. then you just put several similar curved lines around it as shown in the picture. 
 After the roses, come the vines. just put wavy lines going around and between the roses, connecting them.
Finally, the zebra stripes. put stripes in the open space with the white as shown. Thats it! Hope you liked it!


  1. Hi Joey, I had a bad experience with a red nail polish. I am not sure what it is called but it died my nails red.

    I would also like to ask a question. I am attending a wedding in a few months and don't know what i should do with my nails. My dress is purple with black lace. Have any ideas?

  2. Hi again! I found the red nail polish that died my nails red. It is called Sally Hansen Xtreme wear red carpet number 390.

  3. Thanks for leaving comments. I will see what i can do for you.
    PS: Purple's my favorite color :D

  4. by the way, is the purple a darker purple or a light lavender?

  5. the purple is light like lavender um well it is actually a Italian Aster to be exact

  6. This is very cool..... How did you make the roses? I would really like to try this.

  7. Bonjour Joelle!
    Wow, you have six comments on this already?! That's really cool.
    Anyway, I really like this pattern, but I've never seen you with it on.

    Not to be nosy, but I saw in past comments that someone on here doesn't know what to do with her nails. In my personal opinion, I would either put on plain black polish or just have plain nails. Sometimes wearing rings help, but I guess since you're going to a wedding you wouldn't want to look dreary with black nails.

    Bobfransisco Bob

  8. I love this nail art. The roses look so beautiful :)