Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Difficulty: intermediate, slightly difficult / 5 out of 10
You will need:
- Dark color like burgundy or navy blue
- light color like pale pink or light blue
- one toothpick or very small brush
For this one, you have to have a good idea of exactly where your putting your brush/toothpick/pen, because it is very easy to mess up and start one line right on another's end, and making one long line instead of two short lines. Start by doing a base coat of alternating pink and burgundy, light blue and navy blue, or some other light color and dark color. now choose to either put the roses on the dark color or the light color. To start the rose, put a small dot somewhere somewhere around the center of  the nail. place a small comma like line up with the curve coming about a quarter of the way around the dot (use pic for help;). it looks best if the outside of the comma is a little bumpy, like in the picture. place another little coma starting close to where the other ended, leaving room for a third comma. Finally, place the third and final comma where there is room around the small dot. now randomly place roses around the nail. you probably wont get any complete flowers in the nail other than the first, so just put partial flowers around the edge. repeat this on all of the nails of the same color as the one you started on.

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